The Water of Uncertainty

The greatest challenge for the human mind is how to have unwavering belief in that which cannot be proven. As humans we seek to find the empirical evidence in everything. What we fail to realize is that everything we know can be questioned with the same logic.


Ye Have Not, Because Ye Ask Not

Many of our Lords Words have been portrayed by man as clichés and superficial, one dimensional meanings. In the Christian family, we regurgitate most of what we've heard without an intimate, detailed study of that particular thing. If it rolls off the tongue well, then it must be supreme Truth and the sanctuary goes wild (in my sports announcers’ voice).

The Founder

Kimmie Robinson, Founder of eLATION Magazine

Elation Magazine, owned by Kimmie Robinson, is an inspirational magazine that focuses on spreading the word of God to the world, and uplifting souls worldwide. In this video are just a few inspirational messages to encourage and introduce you to Elation Magazine.

Gospel Recording Artist Trish Standley

Conquering those Curves with Trish Standley

In this country 7 out of 10 Americans are overweight and these numbers are steadily increasing within women. Although we may be “work in progress” as we reach our individual goals, there remain various options in properly dressing those curves. No matter how small a woman is, the more skin she shows the heavier she will appear. The best approach to create a polished look is by successfully styling your current body type. Use the example below to identify your body type:

Once you’ve identified your type, then this will allow you to better dress your body. If it is difficult to determine the shape that fits you best, I suggest you contact a seamstress or ask a salesperson in a fabric store to aid you.
The next step will be to have your measurements done and this includes both for outer and under garments. Keep track of those numbers because these numbers are your guide to ensuring that the pieces you are interested in purchasing contain the correct measurements. Remember that the only exceptions to playing with those numbers is fabric type. If the fabric has a lot of stretch then you may consider going down a size. For those fabrics that do not have much give (yet you really want the piece) then do not be afraid to go up a size. Then utilize that seamstress to make the necessary adjustments which gives you the best fit for your form.

Fashion Tip: Choose fabrics that provide you with the best structural silhouette. Materials must always provide you with a lock and load look. It is imperative that the undergarment is of great quality and fit as well. Shopping for the best support sometimes takes time and patience but it is worth the headache. Depending on your skin tone, ensure that you purchase the best color as well. I suggest going into a lingerie store and utilizing their expertise.

Tamela Mann has been victorious in losing nearly 200 lbs; however during her entire journey she has been able to learn her curves and dress them accordingly.

This will be a 2 part series on conquering those curves because next month I will share secrets in putting your best curve forward along with great reasonably priced retail stores to shop.
Remember that you may not be at your ideal size; however that does not mean you cannot properly dress the body you currently have. It is still your temple.

Gospel Recording Artist Trish Standley

Styles with Trish Standley

This is the time of year in Hollywood where there are a lot of award shows. I am not as interested in the show itself; however the red carpet is what excites me. The Emmy’s is the show that is immediately sticking out in my mind. I want to highlight a few looks that caught my eye.
As I shared previously, yellow is the “color” to find yourself in this fall. It was greatly represented with the following actresses:

My favorite look in yellow of the night is this beautiful yellow lace (NOTE: And I’m not a lace lover – yet lol)

Trish 2

One of the awesome trends that I’ve noticed from this year’s Emmy’s is that a lot of the looks showed very little skin yet remained both feminine and classy. Most of the silhouettes consisted of fitted waists and either volume at the hip or fish tail at the bottom with trains. Actress Leslie Jones has gotten some of the most crucial comments regarding her looks since she entered the acting scene. She was the only African American actress in the latest Ghostbuster’s film. I wanted to highlight her because not only does she look amazing but for a 50+ year old she represents the importance of knowing your “own” beauty and not defining it by others opinion. I solute you Leslie:

I can only imagine the scrutiny that those in the “lime” light receive especially during the award shows. I’ve heard that if you walk the red carpet that you must also be taught how to pose as well as knowing where your light is. Selecting the perfect look and team for you is vital because no one wants to go on that infamous “Worst Dressed” list. Even in all of that, if there is no inner beauty and light – no one will be able to shine through.

Last but certainly no least, one of my all-time favorites represented on that red carpet. Lady Cicely Tyson:

trish 4

I can only imagine the scrutiny that those in the “lime” light receive especially during the award shows. I’ve heard that if you walk the red carpet that you must also be taught how to pose as well as knowing where your light is. Selecting the perfect look and team for you is vital because no one wants to go on that infamous “Worst Dressed” list. Even in all of that, if there is no inner beauty and light – no one will be able to shine through.

Lashes with Trish Standley

In the past 5-6 years, it has been a part of a fad to wear fake lashes on an everyday basis. This was not the original purpose for wearing lashes. They were applied ONLY at photo shoots or on television. The intent of both Individual and Strip lashes was to be accompanied by a fully made up face. Everyday wear has become the cause of damaged lash lines. The thickness of this look has been the brunt of a lot of jokes mainly told by men. I personally never liked lashes because the glue always caused allergic reactions. The individual lashes were not the best mix for me because once applied the removal wasn’t fast enough so I’d ultimately end up tearing my lashes out to get them off. While doing my Style with Trysh Radio show I had the opportunity to be introduced to lash extensions. I was able to connect with Icses Christopher who schooled me on who and what to look for shopping for someone who installed them. With that learned knowledge I was able to connect with one of the best in the Atlanta area. I would like to share her with you all.

So let’s find out from the expert what lash extensions are all about?

What are the types of lash extensions?
Eyelash extensions are available in real authentic mink (animal fur). They are the least durable and promote animal cruelty. Eyelash extensions also come silk, a faux mink and synthetic, which is polyester thread like fiber resembling real lashes. 
Why lash extensions versus strips or individuals? Eyelash extensions are non-damaging? 
A properly trained lash artist will evaluate a client’s natural eyelash before recommending the safest weight/length eyelash extension to apply. They're not damaging when applied and removed properly.  Where as with strips and cluster lashes you're unable to control the weight of the extensions being used, it's a one size fits most, making the natural lash subject to premature shedding by applying an extension that maybe too heavy for the natural lash.  Strip Lashes are sometimes applied with hair glue or some other glue that may also cause damage when they're not properly removed they can cause additional stress and damage to a clients natural lash. 

What adhesives are used for lash extensions? Secsi Lashes uses an FDA approved premium adhesive especially for eyelash extensions. The glue is formaldehyde and latex free. And has little to no fumes. Adhesives must be recycled every 3-4 weeks. 
How are lashes applied and how long do they last? 
Eyelash extensions must be applied by a licensed and trained professional. Some states require you to carry an esthetics license. When you're trained properly you are able to evaluate a clients natural lash and therefore able to make the necessary recommendations and adjustments to the size and weight that clients natural lash will be able to hold. All lashes are NOT created equal. Eyelash extensions are then meticulously applied one eyelash extension to one natural lash. Eyelashes will go through a growth cycle shedding naturally taking that extension with it, then immediately another hair grows in. Eyelash extensions will last as long as you continue to refill them keeping them fresh and full. A lash bath and a new full set is recommended every 3-4 refills to avoid a build up of debris that can get trapped in between the lashes. 

What should one expect at their first session versus a fill?
The first session will take longer depending on the amount of natural lashes a client has and the type of services they're getting, it can be anywhere from 2-3 hours for the first session or even longer with a new lash artist versus a refill which should not take longer than 1 hour 30 min to 1 hour 45 min. 
How often should one get fills? 
A refill is recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain fresh and fullness. Some clients can go longer depending on the proper care of the lashes however it is not recommended to go past 4 weeks. 
What is a reasonable price range should one expect with new install and refills? 
A reasonable price for a classic set of eyelash extensions which is one extension to one lash, shouldn't cost more than $75-125. Refills should range from $40-60 give or take but every state and area is different.
What is the proper post-maintenance for extensions? 
At Secsi Lashes we give each of our clients a aftercare kit that includes a spoolie for proper brushing, a loyalty card for our refill program and on the back is aftercare instructions which includes not getting your extensions wet for the first 24 hours as well as recommendations that get the most out of your eyelash extensions. I also show each of my clients the proper way to brush their lashes. Everyone leaves fully informed. 
What are ways that lash extensions can ruin the natural lash line?
There's a number of ways eyelash extensions can ruin a natural lash line that's why it's imperative that you have them applied by a trained and licensed professional. When they are applied using too much glue the extensions can become stuck together causing the natural lash not being able to shed naturally and therefore causing damage. Also, not cleaning your lashes daily and having build up from make up and other debris can also possibly cause damage and inflammation. Not common but likely. 

You are at the top of your game, why teach and share your knowledge with others?
I teach others this beautiful art because I believe in each one, teach one and with that being said I have been given a gift from God and I'm blessed, so I want to be a blessing to others and teach others this wonderful art of applying eyelash extensions. It's been the best decision I've ever made and it's opened so many doors and opportunities and I'm for that forever grateful. 

All in all lash extensions gives a length to your natural lashes; however it doesn’t include the heaviness and irritation of the strips or individuals. I have been enjoying them for nearly 2 years now and I wouldn’t wear anything else. When I do photo shoots and television I will add a strip for the fullness but it does not affect my lash extensions. I have been able to return to a healthy lash line and I am very grateful for it.

If you’d like to learn more about lash extensions or Isces Christopher you can visit her website at or connect with her on Instagram @secsilashes.

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The Beauty In Your Value with Trish Standley

We live in an era where the illusion of what’s on the outer weighs more than the content of what’s inside.

It is much easier today to hide behind the masks knowing that others are focused on that façade instead of the true shortcomings and insecurities we struggle within. In an age, where you can purchase or reconstruct various parts of the anatomy, which totally recreates the unique design of God, we’ve become the most “arrogant generation.”

But what does it truly mean?

It means that with the birth of the Internet and social media we’ve all become actors and actresses. We are selling images that do not exist. Basing our “real” lives on what we see online is extremely dangerous. Many have committed suicide, relationships broken and stalkers have been on the rise because of it.

What must be done?

Once we spend time a lone and allow ourselves to be totally transparent. THEN we will be able to begin to do the work in building our TRUE self worth and connect with where our value lies. The beauty in your value will set standard of how others will treat you but it will also be the voice that tells us “no” when we mistreat ourselves.

Where do you get started?

Begin to journal and ask yourself questions such as:

Who am I?
Characteristically what are my strengths?
Characteristically what are your weaknesses?
Physically what do you love about yourself? Why?
Physically what do you not like about yourself? Why?

These are a few questions that must be asked and “honestly” answered.

Realizing one’s self-value is as a domino effect. It is OUR responsibility to teach our children better. If you do not have children, it is no excuse, I am confidant there are young people in your lives whom you can pour self worth into. REMEMBER: You can get anyone to a place you are not yourself.

Fall in LOVE with the beauty in your value.

Trish Standley is a gospel-recording artist and author of upcoming workbook “Know Your Worth” an interactive workbook that teaches ladies how to develop healthy self-worth ~