Cynthia Newell

Free Indeed by Cynthia Newell

We walk free
released from shackles
that tackle
and restrain our joy.

We walk free,
because regardless
of the debt of yesterday’s sinful acts
being converted according to Acts
freed us from a burning hell
so now we get to run and tell
the good news.

We walk free
free of burdensome bothers
that exhaust our hope
and disrupt our worship.
Actually these burdens weren’t ours to carry
in the first place
at least not according to Matthew 11:28.
After we’ve wrestled for a while
we now retire in the arms of our great big God
and walk free.
Being free, we now have power and might
through the Spirit of our risen king
to walk fast and run far,
loudly we sing
and greatly we praise
the God of everlasting peace. Yes!
Our balance sheet is clear
Let us dance and rejoice
Let us dance and rejoice
Let us celebrate
overcoming adversity and tribulation
Let us yell hallelujah
and lift our hands in admiration
for this glorious celebration.

Son, daughter, sister, brother
thanks is in order
to each of you that pledged and had a seed to sow
even when you probably didn’t know
how you yourself
would manage your debt or pay a bill.
Your unfailing faith, sacrifice and visionary support
is a real
demonstration of God’s love in action
and has rendered this glorious day of celebration.
Let us now, with our hearts and minds clear
go far, we are free.
We will go far
not because of who we are
but because of whose we are
children of the living God
joint-heirs to Jesus Christ
and it’s because of his life
that our debts have been paid
and have inherited eternal life.

So walk free and run far
in Jesus Christ our Lord.

A Father’s Love by Cynthia Newell

Before opening my heart to God and accepting Christ as my personal savior I really did not understand the love of a father. Being raised in a home where my father was absent, it was hard for me to relate to God in a fatherly way. From television, books and in the living rooms of friends whose fathers were in their life, I learned that a father protected his family, provided for his family, drank coffee at the dinner table, didn’t speak much and came and went as he pleased. But as my relationship with God became close, I was able to really understand the role and love of a father, it was through this knowledge of God that my heart lightened and became freer.
Imagine you are at rock bottom and you feel as though there is no point in living. You cry out to your father for help and before you can even finish speaking he is there to comfort you, to encourage you and to show you how to get to a better mental and emotional state. That’s the kind of father we have in God. “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. A father’s love is sincere and caring. (Is. 65:24)

Fathers forgive their children and make them feel special even when the child does not quite deserve it. Fathers shower their children with love and admiration and celebrate their growth and milestones. Fathers take pride in their sons and daughters and no matter how far away the child gets from home, a father’s love fails not. This is evident is the story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) who went afar off, messed over his money and came back home broke and dirty.

A father’s love is compassionate. The wisdom of a good father makes him swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath. A father’s love makes him able to relate to his child’s anguish and offer merciful kindness. A father speaks empowering words to his children and makes good on his promises. A father goes before his children to make sure the path is clear and the place their going to is safe. A father does not make excuses regarding his responsibilities rather he accepts responsibility for those that belong to him and it pleases him to take care of his own. A father’s love encourages his children to have confidence and believe they can do everything their heart desires.
If you don’t have a personal relationship with God I encourage you to give your life to Christ today. This is the path to truly experiencing and enjoying a father’s love. Even if you have a really good relationship with your earthly father, love from God is like no other.

Cynthia Newell is an author, inspirational speaker & R.I.S.E & W.I.N coach! Join her the 2nd & 4th Saturday on the eLation Gospel Network for her podcast “From Powerless to Powerful”. Go to her website to learn more about her & connect with her.

The Bread of Idleness – by Cynthia Newell

Walking through my house made me livid at times because things were either out of place or had no place to go. It was mid-morning when looking through a drawer I turn to my husband and ask, “Why does this house stay so cluttered?” I didn’t wait for him to respond because I knew he didn’t have an answer. As I went back to looking through the drawer, I heard the word laziness. As though my husband has said the word to me, I agitatedly responded, LAZINESS? This was the second time that word was presented to me and both times I was equally offended. It was just a couple of days earlier when my cousin texted me a list of books he recommended I read. In his text he mentioned that the books may in the library but if not they could be requested as an inter-library transfer. I researched the books on Amazon and saw that they were a little pricey for my current budget so I decided to go with the library. My text response to him was, “Thanks, are you sure the books are at the library?” His reply, “Don’t be lazy go find out.” I thought, Lazy, I am not lazy, I was just asking a question but I replied, okay.

Though I never thought of myself as lazy, when I studied the definition of the word idle I saw a connection. While I am not the type to habitually do nothing, there were plenty of times I’d avoid house work because I felt that the more I cleaned, the more there was to clean. I felt that my family took me for granted and that they needed to be held responsible for their lack of participation in keeping our house together. And though this made sense to me, the emotions of disgust and frustration I was experiencing were not worth it. A virtuous woman looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness. (Pro. 31:27) I decided to take my concerns about the clutter, my justified idleness and the lack of teamwork from my family to God in prayer. God taught me through scripture on how to best handle the situation. First, a virtuous woman opens her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. (Pro. 31:26). I changed the verbiage I used when talking about the matter, shifting from a hopeless and agitated disposition to a peaceful and content disposition, I changed how I spoke to my family about their habits and lack of consistency and I changed my thoughts. This helped me create a strategy for eliminating my inner clutter which manifested in outer clutter being cleared.

Secondly, as a virtuous woman, strength and honor are my clothing; and I shall rejoice in time to come. (Pro. 31:25) This gave me fortitude to be patient when things did not turn around as quickly as I wanted. It was assurance that in due time things would come together. Lastly, a virtuous woman girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms. (Pro. 31:17) This prepared me for the times where I would be the only one cleaning and organizing but also affirmed that I do not have to tolerate other’s poor habits; integrity and focus must be my allies. Because there would be times when I would be the only one focused on keeping the home clean God would give me the strength not to be angry or hostile but instead chose love.

Ladies, the next time you are faced with a challenging situation or experience, let the wisdom of the virtuous woman come forth through you. Your children will arise and call you blessed and your husband will also praise you, ultimately, God will be pleased with you and your life. Cynthia Newell is an author, inspirational speaker & R.I.S.E & W.I.N coach! Join her the 2nd & 4th Saturday on the eLation Gospel Network for her podcast “From Powerless to Powerful”. Learn more about her at

The Power of Prayer by Cynthia Newell

My daughter was due back to school three days ago. She could have taken the train but the problem with that was the train did not go to Pine Bluff Arkansas only to Little Rock which was about forty-five minutes away from Pine Bluff. If she did take the train my dilemma would be getting her to Pine Bluff from Little Rock. We tried her friends and classmates, we even reached out to some alumni who were members of our church, to see if they could help, but to no avail, no one could. Though I could have driven her there, a voice within said driving her was not what I was supposed to do, so I prayed.
Prayer should be our first response when we are presented with situations that feel overwhelming, why, because prayer connects us to our power source. Though it is easy to allow our humanness to dictate how we respond, we must be careful not to let our emotions take us down a path that will ultimately lead us to anxiety, stress and worry. Unintentionally we can forget that the Lord has all the answers we seek and is our very present help in all situations (Ps.46:1). Jesus has the power to open doors, orchestrate connections and make things work in a way we never imagined.

One day I was prompted to put a message on Facebook asking if anyone had family or friends in Little Rock or Pine Bluff that would be willing to get my daughter from the train station to school. I then sent a private message to my cousin whose sister in law has family in Little Rock, though I didn’t know her sister in law’s family, I didn’t feel weird about reaching out to them. It took my cousin some time before responding, I felt myself getting antsy because I wanted to just resolve the matter. I was being invited to a greater level of patience and trust that God was working the answers out in a holy and divine way. I repented and waited patiently. While waiting, I found out that my cousin’s brother and his wife were actually in Little Rock visiting, he agreed to pick my daughter up and drive her to school.
Coincidence? Not hardly. Jesus knows what we don’t know. And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” Matthew 28:18. Prayer keeps us connected to the power source, Jesus Christ. Being connected with Jesus means we have access to wisdom, answers, guidance and coincidental blessings. A strong prayer life means a life filled with strength, peace and power from on high. If you desire to experience of life ease and elegance it is necessary that you have a well-built prayer life.

Cynthia Newell is an author, inspirational speaker & R.I.S.E & W.I.N coach! Join her the 2nd & 4th Saturday on the eLation Gospel Network for her podcast “From Powerless to Powerful”. Go to her website to listen to previously recorded R.I.S.E empowerment calls, while there get her latest blog for powerful living.

No Pain, No Gain by Cynthia S. Newell

At a young age I vowed to be the best mother I could be when I had children. This meant sacrificing, putting them first, spanking less, and listening more. It meant being hopeful about their future, helping them to understand and use their internal strengths, never giving up on them, teaching them God’s word and how to pray. I never imagined reaching a place where I would start to see my little girl as someone that would intentionally try to hurt me. I never imagined our relationship would reach a point of contempt, chaos and unconcern. My weak heart was vexed to know that things would never be the same between us. The loss of this relationship was painful, however, deep in my Spirit I knew God was birthing a relationship that only he could create and though in the moment I couldn’t see the “gain”, my spirit man was at peace about what was transpiring.

The shattered glass covering the living room floor was symbolic to current state of our relationship. The broken pieces represented years of infirmities, hardships, insults, perplexities and even persecutions. In a hostile rage, she had slammed the door so hard it caused the glass to break. I sat gazing at the broken glass thinking to myself that I would not be the one to clean it up; the glass was going to stay there until she returned home from work. In that moment I made the decision that I would no longer be responsible for carrying her burdens or try to fix her problems; her problems were beyond me, they were only ones God could handle. I was a little saddened by my decision because I knew she’d feel abandoned, that she’d feel as though I left her. Having experienced abandonment issues myself, I never wanted to bring that pain to anyone, but it was time to let go so the relationship we once shared could be transformed into something new & beautiful.

Letting go did not mean I was saying good-bye completely to her but to an aspect of the relationship we once shared. I had to be willing to let go so that I was not in God's way. I did not want to prevent or prolong true healing from taking place. Through the years I had worked through the emotional guilt I carried after her father and I divorced. Her behaviors were a product of my toleration, leniency and lack of accountability. They were a direct result of my fear to require more from her. Because I had required her to be okay with the divorce, moving out of the family home and changing schools I subconsciously excused her outbursts and reduced them to her just expressing herself but it was really disrespectful behavior, behavior that God said must end.

An internal war was brewing inside of me - the adult me was saying it was time to face what I had created and to allow God to change it while the wounded & emotional child inside wanted me to stay comfortable and leave things the way they were. Nevertheless, I knew it was time to stand up, lean on the grace of God, face the situation and allow its brokenness to be mended. In our life we are going to face hardships, difficulties and have moments of uncertainty. There will be times when we’ll question our ability to persevere and push forward; there will be times when fears that we’ve adopted during our childhood and teen years will rise up. We will miss the mark, we will make mistakes but in all of these things, God’s grace is sufficient. When we feel too weak to face personal challenges, which are really opportunities for personal growth, we can be strong in God. In our admittance that we are weak, we are strong.

Accepting our fragileness makes us strong. By acknowledging our insecurities we become strong in Christ Jesus. Our society tends to reject and throw away those who are weak, handicap and poor but these are the very ones Christ came to save. It is in our pain that we gain a deeper revelation of who God is and what He is capable of doing.

About the Author: Cynthia Newell is an Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach and the founder of Dare to Dream where she support clients who want to stop feeling powerless and start moving powerfully toward a life they’ve always imagined. Learn more her at

The Greatest Love by Cynthia Newell

“Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God.” 1 John 3:1

God’s love is the greatest love we can experience; it is in His unfailing love that we experience grace, kindness, faithfulness, patience and healing. Typically, when we think about the meaning of love it is characterized by a feeling of affection or admiration, reverence, care and concern. But for the person that grew up in a “loveless” environment, understanding God’s love presents itself a challenge. Maybe they witnessed conditional love and understanding that God’s love is unconditional is almost inconceivable..In additional to God’s love being unconditional, it is faithful, we can count on it. No matter what we’re facing in our life, we can depend on our faithful and very present helper God to be a comforter when we are facing affliction (II Corinthians 2:3-4). God is not too busy, too burdened or too far away to comfort us His children. We can be comforted through reading the word of God and studying the promises we’re entitled to because of our obedience to His law.

God will use people to illustrate his love for us through their kind deeds, thoughtful acts and loving compassion. Look at the story in Mark 2:1-4 - a man was ill and he could not get help for himself because of his inability to walk but God blessed him with some really great friends. When they heard Jesus was in town they carried their ill friend to where Jesus was, they did not go back home when they could not come in the front door yet they took the roof off the house and lower him in; their faith and friendship propelled them to this kind of love in action. Their demonstrated love and loyalty are two of the very characteristics that define the kind of love God has for us, His children.

Great love will move you to sacrifice for those you love and hold dear. God sacrificed his son Jesus Christ to show us, His children, how much he loves and values us. (John 3:16) Jesus laid down His life because of the love he held for his Father in heaven. (John 15:13)

In today’s “my four and no more” society we rarely see the uncomfortable side of love, the side that causes us to put our individual desires aside while esteeming someone else’s needs, concerns and situations above ours. I believe with the direction our nation is headed, it is important for all of us, especially believers, to start obeying God’s greatest commandment which is that we love each other (John 15:12). We can follow Jesus’ example of love and rest assured we will inherit kingdom promises for our obedience.

Cynthia Newell is an Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach and the founder of Dare to Dream where she support clients who want to stop feeling powerless and start moving powerfully toward a life they’ve always imagined. Learn more her at

Cynthia Newell is an Author, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Life Coach and the founder of Dare to Dream where she support clients who want to stop feeling powerless and start moving powerfully toward a life they’ve always imagined. Tune into her radio show,

“RISE & WIN” on eLation Radio Saturday January 28, 2017 at 1 pm.
Learn more about Cynthia at

Though many years, even decades had passed, my childhood dream, an everlasting longing to be free to do what I pleased with my time, never left me. At an early age I remember daydreaming for hours about writing and teaching. How ironic that my favorite game to play was school; my friends and I would rotate being the teacher. I’d pretend to pay attention when it was their turn; however, secretly I was orchestrating a playful lesson in my head. Even though being bullied was a major part of my educational experience, I still wanted to go to school; the process of learning enthralled me, the creativity of teaching and seeing others learn was amazing.

Throughout my life I’d always find myself in a role that allowed me to lead and teach others. My first job like most was at McDonald’s, after being there for a short period I was selected to be a trainer for new employees. Because of my great performance at my next employer and the many afterwards, my desire to lead, write and teach would always open doors for me to train, lead and even create training material. I am grateful for the gift of teaching, it is my purpose, it is one of the things I’ve came to earth to do. Do you know what your purpose is?

Before when asked this question I’d feel flustered and overwhelmed because I was uncertain about my purpose was and what frustrated me even more was I didn’t know how to find out. It was through prayer that God revealed to me what my life’s purpose was; He even showed me how I had been walking in it all my life and in every area of my life. Think for a moment, what did you enjoy doing as a child that you still find delight in as an adult.

Teaching is more than helping others learn it is an act of love and giving. Teachers help people to grow, develop, become stronger, and progress. The gift of teaching not only affects the person that’s being taught but every individual that is connected to that person’s life. The core desire I’ve always had was to see people progress, get unstuck and grow, teaching fulfills this desire.
As we move into the New Year, take a moment to explore what your “core desire(s)” is/are, this is directly connected to your life’s purpose. Once clear, God will reveal ways you can integrate fulfilling your life’s purpose and satisfying your core desires into your everyday life. You will notice that your life will be more rewarding, joyful and that you will begin to experience deep-seated satisfaction and meaningfulness. Behold, God desires to do a new thing in and through your life, let Him.