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The Water of Uncertainty

The greatest challenge for the human mind is how to have unwavering belief in that which cannot be proven. As humans we seek to find the empirical evidence in everything. What we fail to realize is that everything we know can be questioned with the same logic.


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Ye Have Not, Because Ye Ask Not

Many of our Lords Words have been portrayed by man as clichés and superficial, one dimensional meanings. In the Christian family, we regurgitate most of what we've heard without an intimate, detailed study of that particular thing. If it rolls off the tongue well, then it must be supreme Truth and the sanctuary goes wild (in my sports announcers’ voice).

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Dealing with our inner struggles with Elder Richard

Romans 7:15-20

The Christian life is often times compared to various life events: For example, one might say that his/her new life in Christ Jesus might resemble something similar to what a cyclist would go through when they sometimes have to climb long hills. That cyclist may get the idea that he/she would like to find a nice down grade that would allow them to be able to free-wheel down the other side only to find out once they’ve reach the top of the hill that their task of cycling has only begun. They clearly recognize that there are more steep hills and winding roads awaiting their turn to be conquered. Some Christians feel that their walk of faith experiences the same results, In other words: FAITHFUL CHRISTIAN LIVING SEEMS TO HAVE BECOME INCREASINGLY MORE DIFFICULT and more demanding and consistently proves to be nothing close to a downhill ride. Surrendering your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ brings peace, joy, meaning, purpose, and many other blessings yet there still seems to be nothing easy about the Christian lifestyle, In fact; the Christian way of living seems to be far more demanding than before we were saved. HOW IS THIS SO?....When we accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior we received God’s own Spirit dwelling within us, we have the mind of Christ working with us, we possess the power of God working through us….HOW THEN DOES IT SEEM TO BE MORE DIFFICULT TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT?; WHY IS IT SUCH A STRUGGLE FOR US TO FULLY COMPLETELY OBEY THE WORD AND WILL OF GOD?...........I offer you two primary reasons that might help you better understand what you’re up against……1st THE WORLD….2nd THE FLESH. One (the world) is outside of us while the other (flesh) has the ability to work from the inside each tugging at our faith to pull us away from conformity to Christ.

They are Satan’s primary instruments in the temptation process used to keep us from living a life of Victory through faith. The promise of the new covenant in Christ is the promise of a new Spirit and a new heart (Ezk 36:25-27), The moment a person becomes a born again believer he becomes a new creation,(2Cor 5:17) with a new nature, a new inner being(spirit) and has a favorable disposition with God, apart from Christ ….. none of this is possible (as we find out in 2Pet.1:4).From that point until the day the Lord calls that Soul home, that believer is metaphorically swimming upstream (like a Salmon returning to spawn) he quickly discovers that both “gravity” and “current” are continually against him which makes his journey a little more strenuous as his renewed heart drives him in an entirely different direction from that of the world he was knew.

The Church has often viewed or associated “Worldliness” primarily in terms of things like Dancing, Alcoholic Drinking, Smoking, and the like, but “Worldliness” carries a much deeper description than the bad habits I just mentioned. To start, “Worldliness” is literally an orientation to humanistic ways of thinking and believing…….IN OTHER WORDS….It is basically buying into the world’s philosophies, buying into human wisdom……It’s looking to the world-----To human Leaders who lack Godly inspiration, to influential personalities, popular people and associates for meaning, standards, attitudes and lifestyle. Worldliness is accepting the world’s definition on how to live life, using the world’s measuring stick to determine one’s level of success or failure, reaching for goals at the expense of others with no regard for the overall consequences that come with such shallow decisions. This appears to be the first great obstacle that the Church has to deal with, the second great obstacle that Christians face is the flesh, In fact, the flesh produces that bridge the world uses to reach us, even though we received the Divine nature of Christ our flesh was NEVER removed or renewed and consistently resists and opposes our new inner nature.

Apostle Paul talked about that struggle in Romans chapter 7 verses 15-20 and makes these statements (v15)”For what I am doing, I do not understand. For what I will to do, that I do not practice; but what I hate, that I do”.(v19)”For the good that I will to do, I do not do; but the evil I will not to do, that I practice(Life application study Bible).

Psalms 51:5 reminds us that we all were born in sin and shaped in iniquity which means that we inherited our sinful nature from Adam who caused the human race to be disconnected from God (spiritually),but , when we received the new birth through Jesus Christ we were literally brought back into fellowship with God through the redemptive acts of Jesus which in turn broke the back of sin, crippling its ability to hold us in bondage by paying a full penalty for each of us upon the cross and with all of this, we yet find ourselves from time to time doing what’s wrong instead of right. If “Flesh” could have one word to best describe its way,…that one word would be “SELFISH”……The sin of Adam like the sin of Satan(read Isa.14) centered on setting his own will and interests against God’s standard of living and “SELFISHNESS” (or self-will) has been the center of sin ever since. No wonder Paul screams in agony” OH WRETCHED MAN THAT I AM! WHO WILL DELIVER ME FROM THIS BODY OF DEATH?.....THANKS BE TO GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD….Keep in mind Saints of God …….(culinary metaphor)…Good food takes time to prepare and cook….If done right, the flavor and all the needed ingredients will mesh together and create a “mouth-watering” dish. Everything done by “micro-wave” cannot be considered “GOOD FOOD”….God is preparing some of you for new levels of ministry…allow HIM to establish you and just know that the ingredients He may use(your trials, troubles, tribulations, set-backs, calamities…) will produce the ministry assigned to you and prove to be of the HIGHEST quality…..Keep pressing for the mark of the high call of God in Christ Jesus…YOU’RE CLOSER TO CONFORMITY TO CHRIST THAN YOU THINK………Till next time



A question was asked during a seminar that I attended a few years ago, this question caused me to do some minor research in regard to the discussion that came out of this simple yet all important inquiry. Someone wanted to know; ”WHAT EXACTLY IS THE OVERALL MISSION OF THE CHURCH?”…..A simple answer would reveal that the Church’s Mission is to evangelize the world. The next question would lead one to ask “WHAT THEN IS EVANGELISM ?”….Well in this column we will attempt to give a better understanding of what God is looking for in each of us whether you are in five-fold ministry or working in lay-ministry. Evangelism is basically the announcement or proclamation or the preaching of the Gospel or good news of Jesus Christ. It’s the communication of the gospel message which includes a warning, an explanation and a call to decision. Every born again believer that has surrendered his or her life to the lord Jesus Christ has the awesome responsibility to warn people about sin and its consequences. We all have a responsibility to explain God’s remedy for sin, and we all have a responsibility to include the clear call to a decision that should lead to repentance or the turning away from darkness, sin, and the consequences that accompany that lifestyle and turn to the God of salvation.

In the gospel of Matthew chapter 28:19,20; Jesus gave clear instruction on what His Disciples were to prepare themselves for and what they were expected to accomplish. He told them(and us)”GO YE THEREFORE,AND TEACH ALL NATIONS,BAPTIZING THEM IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER,AND OF THE SON,AND OF THE HOLY GHOST(20)TEACHING THEM TO OBSERVE ALL THING WHATSOEVER “I” HAVE COMMANDED YOU:AND,LO,I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS,EVEN UNTO THE END OF THE WORLD.A’MEN”……. If a believer understands the entire gospel of Matthew but fails to understand these closing passages, he/she has then missed the very point of the entire book. These passages are the climax and major focal point not only of this gospel but of the entire New Testament….In its broadest sense, these passages are the focal point of all scripture (Old as well as New)

These passages of scripture pertain to the central mission of the people of God…..A mission that…Tragically many Christians do not understand (and in many cases) are unwilling to fulfill. When you look at today's Church, it seems somewhat obvious that there are a number of people who claim to be “Christian” that have legitimately given any real thought as to why they got saved or what their purpose is when it comes to the mission they were assigned to carry out by the Lord. These people have very little thought about their mission in this world, except in regard to their own personal needs. They may attend services and meetings but only when it is convenient and when they do show up, they take from that service what they feel like taking with no real concern for anyone or anything else other than themselves. Sometimes they get involved in the Church only to the extent that it serves their own desires. It escapes both their understanding and their concern that the Lord Himself has given His Church (which includes them) a charge and a job to do.

If the average Congregation were to be surveyed concerning what the primary purpose of the Church should be, it is very likely that multiple answers would be presented….several purposes would be pointed out. A large number of Saints would more than likely rank “FELLOWSHIP” among the top reasons why Christians assemble themselves together……They see it as an opportunity to associate and interact with fellow believers who share similar beliefs and values. These individuals highly value the fact that the Church provides activities and programs for the whole family. They see the place of assembly as a place where relationships are nurtured and shared and where inspirational preaching and teaching is provided along with beautiful music. If this group of individuals could have a favorite verse of scripture it would probably be found in the Gospel of John 13;35 which says ”BY THIS ALL MEN WILL KNOW THAT YOU ARE MY DISCIPLES,IF YOU HAVE LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER”.

On another level some Christians would consider sound biblical teaching to be the Church’s principle function…..These would feel that the expounding of scripture and overall strengthening believers in the knowledge of and obedience to God’s revealed truth would be emphasized as they help believers discover and minister their spiritual gifts in various forms of leadership and service, and , like Fellowship this too is a basic function of the Church, after all God according to Ephesians 4:11-13 gave some Apostles and some Prophets, and some Evangelist, and some Pastors and Teachers; For the perfecting(maturing) of the Saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come into the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect(mature) man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

Still, on another level….some members would consider praise of God to be the Supreme purpose of the Church. This group would emphasize the Church as a praising community that exalts the Lord in adoration, homage, and reverence. Praise is clearly a centralized purpose of God’s people just as it has always been and will always be a central activity of Heaven where both Saints as well as Angels will eternally sing praises to the most High God All of the scenarios are thoroughly biblical and should characterize the Church as a whole, but neither separate nor together do they represent the central Purpose or the Mission of the Church in the world. The Church’s supreme purpose actually is to glorify God, and the mission that should flow out of our fellowship, out of our spiritual growth, out of our praise is that of being God’s faithful, obedient instruments in His divine plan to reconcile the world back to Himself through Jesus Christ. The work of the Church is an extension of the work of her Lord and Savior who prayed for the mission of the Church in John 17:18 when He said “AS THOU DIDST SEND ME INTO THE WORLD,EVEN SO HAVE I SENT THEM INTO THE WORLD”

If God’s primary purpose for the saved were simply loving fellowship, He would have taken all believers immediately to Heaven where spiritual fellowship is always perfect and unhindered by sin, disharmony, or loneliness….If God’s primary purpose for the saved were just the learning of His word, again He would have immediately taken them to Heaven where His Word is perfectly known and understood…..If God’s primary purpose for the redeemed were only to give Him Praise…..Once again all believers would have been immediately taken to Heaven where praise is ongoing in total perfection…..THERE IS ONLY ONE REASON WHY THE LORD ALLOWS HIS CHURCH TO REMAIN HERE ON EARTH AND THAT REASON IS TO GO INTO THE HEDGES AND THE HIGHWAYS AND COMPEL MEN,WOMEN, AND CHILDREN TO COME TO JESUS NOW……OUR JOB IS TO SEEK AND LEAD TO SALVATION THOSE WHO ARE LOST!!!!....Fellowship, Teaching, and Praise are not the Mission of the Church….they are the PREPARATION of the Church to fulfill its mission in winning the lost. All three elements are very good and Godly and each carries its own rewards and blessings but reaching the lost for Christ is much more difficult and demanding, and just as athletes train for competition but never confuse their training with the actual competition our training should never be confused with or substituted for the job we are called to do……… In our next issue we will deal with Five elements that are necessary for The body of Christ to fulfill their God given Commission…….Until Then……


1 TIMOTHY 6:1, 2
What should be done so the name of god and His doctrine is not blasphemed?.....(answer verse#1)… (A)..We live in a modern day society that seemingly does not put a high value on work. According to a recent survey 70% of American workers do not like their jobs, and of that 70 percent, 90% said they do not feel like getting up in the morning to go to work. The average worker is consumed with creature comforts, leisure, and materialism and views his/her job as a necessary evil to finance their indulgences. This particular mentality can be summed up in a popular catch phrase that says “ I owe, I owe so off to work I go” Unfortunately, some of those unhappy workers happen to be Christians who need to be reminded of their responsibilities as employees……Today’s Church needs to rediscover a biblical theology of work which is found in Gen.2:15….WORK IS NOT A RESULT OF THE CURSE,BUT OF GOD’S CREATIVE DESIGN FOR THE FULFILLMENT OF MAN. It wasn’t until after the curse that work became painful and difficult. As born again baptized believers we should concern ourselves with our conduct on the job as well as toward our jobs to show the non-believer the power of Jesus Christ which is able to transform a life. YOUR WORK PERFORMANCE WILL EITHER BRING PRAISE OR BLASPHEMY TO THE NAME OF GOD

A. Non-Christian Master
B. Christian Master Slavery was an integral social component of the Greco-Roman world in the 1st century. Slaves were the employees who did the work for their wealthy masters. It was a widespread scheme of employment. The entire economic structure of the Roman Empire relied upon this better understand how this system worked, today’s believer would need to lose the pre-conceived notion of slavery that was developed from the racial slavery of the Pre-Civil War American South which bore some resemblance to slavery in the 1st century Roman Empire Slaves were acquired in several different ways. Many became prisoners of war(Num.31:7-35) (Duet.20:10-14) some were purchased(Ex.21:7) (Lev.25;44-46) some sold themselves into slavery (Lev.25:39) ;Duet.15:12-17) Others were sold to pay debts (2Kings4:1) (Neh.5:1-8). According to Gen.29:24 slaves could be received as gifts and( Lev.25:46) says that slaves were inherited. The O.T. system wasn’t perfect but it was workable. The abuses that were seen as time went on came from hard-hearten evil men, not from the institution itself. Old Testament slavery under Jewish law carefully guarded the rights of slaves.Ex.21:2-6 tells of the statute of limitations in how long one could remain a slave unless they otherwise chose to remain one. Those who came into slavery with a wife and children could take them when they left. Those given a wife by their master could not until she became free.Ex.21:26,27 gives cause for early release,Ex.20:10 protected sabbatical rights while ex.21:20 protected civil rights even foreign slaves were protected according to duet.23:15,16.Slaves even had the right to own other slaves(2 Sam.9:9,10) Christians have a divinely commanded responsibility to live out their faith in the work place. Having a proper attitude of submission and respect, and performing quality work, are necessary prerequisites to proclaiming a believable gospel. (look up Eph 6:5-8) (Col.3:22-25) Especially if you have a godly master

Who is proud, knowing nothing, doting about with questions and strife of words?
Just as physical sicknesses and diseases have symptoms or marks by which they can be diagnosed, the same holds true for false teaching those who are infected by it will manifest certain characteristics (1 Peter 2:10-22).
The attitude of the false teacher can be summed up in one word ”PRIDE” They carry a certain mentality(v.4) that brings about other effects(v.5)

How does Paul Characterize Godliness with Contentment(answer verse#6)…Paul in Phil.4:11-13 puts this scripture in perspective(read)….verse 19 reminds us why we should be content

With what should we be content?(answer verse 8)…If we have the basic necessities of life we have sufficient this doesn’t mean god is against us having “things” God is against “THINGS” having us (Matt.6:33)

What is the root of ALL evil, which some have erred from the faith?
(answer verse 10)…..Loving money. I. Focuses on the temporal (v7)(read the parable of the rich man Lk.12:15-21) People whose lives are dominated by the love of money spend their time chasing what is locked into time and space. II. Obscures the simplicity of Life (v8) (Matt.6:24-33)…III. Results in sinful entrapment and harmful desires(v9)

Who was called to fight the good fight of faith and Lay hold on eternal life?
This verse points out what the Man of God Follows(pursues) after
How should we keep the commandment until the appearing of Jesus Christ? (Answer: verse 14)

Who has immortality, dwelling in light which no man can approach? (Answer: verses 14-16)

What should the rich be doing? (Answer: verse 18) (read)

Who was to keep what was put in his trust?