The Water of Uncertainty

The greatest challenge for the human mind is how to have unwavering belief in that which cannot be proven. As humans we seek to find the empirical evidence in everything. What we fail to realize is that everything we know can be questioned with the same logic.


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What are some of your programs that you use to prepare girl into becoming princesses? Not sure this pertains to our company, but we use an international exposure of their published books to create a very positive image. By Nancy Mattox


Ye Have Not, Because Ye Ask Not

Many of our Lords Words have been portrayed by man as clichés and superficial, one dimensional meanings. In the Christian family, we regurgitate most of what we've heard without an intimate, detailed study of that particular thing. If it rolls off the tongue well, then it must be supreme Truth and the sanctuary goes wild (in my sports announcers’ voice).

Kimmie Robinson, Founder of eLATION Magazine

Elation Magazine, owned by Kimmie Robinson, is an inspirational magazine that focuses on spreading the word of God to the world, and uplifting souls worldwide. In this video are just a few inspirational messages to encourage and introduce you to Elation Magazine.

She was born in the Saint Louis, MO. She gave her life over to God at the age of twelve. Although her purpose by God was given, she wanted to do things her way! She believes when God give you a purpose, there is no way to run.

She has two wonderful daughters Candace Weeden and Hannah Weeden . She is so on fired for the Lord. Motherhood is her proudest ministry.

Kimmie loves serving others.

eLATION Magazine was founded on the principles of basically serving the Lord in spirit and truth. eLATION Magazine main purpose is to served the lost, last, and least. We want people to know that they can have life more abundantly through the love of Jesus Christ.

eLATION Magazine focuses on empowerment through the spiritual writings of many experts in their perspective fields. Kimmie believes that living for the Lord is very rewarding. She serves talented artists, authors through the format of eLATION Magazine and eLATION Radio.