The Water of Uncertainty

The greatest challenge for the human mind is how to have unwavering belief in that which cannot be proven. As humans we seek to find the empirical evidence in everything. What we fail to realize is that everything we know can be questioned with the same logic.


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What are some of your programs that you use to prepare girl into becoming princesses? Not sure this pertains to our company, but we use an international exposure of their published books to create a very positive image. By Nancy Mattox


Ye Have Not, Because Ye Ask Not

Many of our Lords Words have been portrayed by man as clichés and superficial, one dimensional meanings. In the Christian family, we regurgitate most of what we've heard without an intimate, detailed study of that particular thing. If it rolls off the tongue well, then it must be supreme Truth and the sanctuary goes wild (in my sports announcers’ voice).

The Founder

Kimmie Robinson, Founder of eLATION Magazine

Elation Magazine, owned by Kimmie Robinson, is an inspirational magazine that focuses on spreading the word of God to the world, and uplifting souls worldwide. In this video are just a few inspirational messages to encourage and introduce you to Elation Magazine.

Feature Story

Pastor Virginia Scott Singleton

Pastor Virginia Scott Singleton is married to Deacon Ernest J. Singleton, Sr. They have been married for 45 years and have 2 sons; 1 daughter; 9 grandchildren; and 2 great grandchildren. She graduated from West Florence High School in 1972 and Almeda University, Boise Idaho in 2002 with a 4.0 GPA. Pastor Singleton received her Divine call to preach and was licensed into the gospel ministry in 1986. She was ordained in 1990 and was the second female to become ordained by the Pee Dee Baptist Association to preach the Word of God. God called her out of the Carver Street Baptist Church to become the pastor of the Divine Church of Deliverance where she has been the under shepherd for almost 16 years. Currently enrolled at the Dallas Theological Seminary.


James 4:2 You have not because you ask not. “ASK”

The bible is very clear! We don't receive from God because we do not ASK God. James 4:2 emphasizes the true importance of prayer. God is not playing games. So many blessings are forfeited daily because of a lack of prayer. God resisted the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble. The fact is proud people fail or do not pray.


If Weight Loss is such a beautiful thing, why does Al Sharpton look so bad?

You know what I’m talking about. In fact, ya’ll are talkin’ ‘bout it too! You are talking about him to his face. You are talkin’ ‘bout him behind his back! Many of you have made Mr. Sharpton a conversation piece at the water cooler at work! I heard that some of you are walking up to him at public speaking engagements and rudely commenting on his appearance directly. Blacks are talkin’ ‘bout him; Whites are talkin’ ‘bout him, but they are afraid of being accused of being racist! It’s ok; the secret question, that is not really a secret anymore is out: Why does Mr. Al Sharpton look so bad?

As the author of the Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program©, founded in 1992, we have served well over 15, 000 clients. Therefore, as a Life and Wellness coach, Mr. Sharpton’s appearance is of great concern for the following reasons:

All too often people are under the misconception that the majority of people who release weight will ultimately look unhealthy. This is not true, but it fuels the practice of setting artificially high weight loss goals. I have worked with Serenity Weight Loss team members who have set goals to drop as low as 260 lbs. We are a society of smart, well educated people. Surely no one in our culture should strive to weigh 260 lbs, AFTER releasing 40 lbs to get there!

Featured Artist

Feature Artist GodSquad Bio

There are 3 of us in the squad. Minister Marlowe ( The Messenger ), Brother Keith ( Kardiac), and Pastor Anthony (Skool). We are three different brothers, who took three different paths, to get to the same location, which is Christ! Our ministry is very raw. We are here to spread the realness of our father.